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Committee Meeting Report Form

Name of person submitting this report: Marilyn Lewis, Co-Chair

Email of person submitting this report:

Report submission date: 07/09/2014 ___midwinter __x_annual

Name of committee: IRRT Chair's Program Committee

Name of committee chair (indicate if acting chair): Marilyn Lewis, Cecilia Salvatore--Co-Chairs

Committee chair e-mail address: Date of meeting(s): 06/28/2014

Members present: Marilyn Lewis, Co-Chair; Cecilia Salvatore, Co-Chair; Henry Mendelsohn, incoming committee member

Virtual members: none

Members absent: Kyle Adamcik, Eda Correa

Visitors: Robin Kear, Carol Kem

1. Summary of discussion and action; please indicate activities planned for the next 5 months: (Please note: if planning to raise an issue at the Executive Board Meeting at this conference please talk with the Chair prior to the meeting.)

Since most of the program planning was accomplished during midwinter, as well as via telephone calls and email, the meeting was primarily to review what would happen for the program the next day. Cecilia provided the feedback forms that would be distributed as attendees arrived, Marilyn provided thank you letters for the three speakers, which both Marilyn and Cecilia signed. The program would be as follows:

Call to order--Carol Kem Introduction of speakers: Cecilia Monitoring of questions/comments: Cecilia Time keeper: Marilyn Head count: Marilyn Distributing/collecting feedback forms: Marilyn

We agreed to be at the program site by 2:30 pm (30 minutes prior to program) in order to confirm room layout and equipment working.

Both the current and incoming IRRT Chairs agreed that the program was "set."

The committee adjourned after both chairs agreed to compose some suggestions for next year's committee and submit it at a later date.

2. Midwinter Meeting Only: Review current committee roster and list all continuing members and any members whose term will end this year and who wish to be reappointed for a second two-year term. Include yourself if applicable:

3. List names and e-mails of potential new members. Per Robin Kear, next year's committee roster is complete.

4. List any members who have indicated interest in serving on another IRRT committee or running for an IRRT office. Include yourself, if applicable.

5. Who would you recommend to serve as chair next year? Indicate if you are interested in serving as chair again. Cecilia Salavatore has agreed to serve as Co-Chair next year, with another co-chair so that there will be continuity.

6. Please write any other comments about the committee's membership here.