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Name/email of person submitting this report: Angelique Simmons

Report submission date: February 21, 2014

Name of committee: Orientation/Mentoring

Name/email of committee chair(s): Angelique Simmons – Angelique.simmons@gmail.com Xiaoli Li -xlli@lib.ucdavis.edu

Date of meeting(s): Saturday, January 25, 2014

Members present: Angelique Simmons, Martha Alvarado Parker, Paul Coleman, Natasha Dass-Ford Virtual members: N/A

Members absent: Seangil Peter Bae, Bethany Anne Wilkes, Weiping Zhang, Xiaoli Li

Visitors present: John Hickok, Delin Guerra

1. Summary of discussion and action; please indicate activities planned for the next 5 months. The group discussed at Mid-winter how to proceed with activities for the next 5 months leading up to the Orientation/Mentoring program at ALA Vegas. Angelique submitted to all committee members a detailed document of deadlines that will need to be met in order to have a successful program at ALA Vegas. Martha and Bethany will be working on the PowerPoint presentation and will have it completed by May 30, 2014 for review by all committee members. Natasha Dass-Ford will be working on obtaining prizes from vendors and Wei-ping Zhang has volunteered to work on identifying a Las Vegas speaker.

2. Midwinter Meeting Only: Review current committee roster and list all members who wish to be reappointed for a second two-year term Currently, the following members have terms until 2015: Seangil Peter Bae, Paul Coleman, Bethany Wilkes, Weiping Zhang, Angelique Simmons, and Natasha Dass-Ford

3. List names and e-mails of potential new members. Mary DiRisio mdirisio@cumberland.lib.nc.us

4. List any members who have indicated interest in serving on another IRRT committee or running for an IRRT office. N/A

5. Who would you recommend to serve as chair next year? Indicate if you are interested in serving as chair again. Natasha Dass-Ford has volunteered to serve as chair next year and Angelique Simmons will serve as co-chair.

6. Please write any other comments about the committee’s members here. N/A