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Name of person submitting this report: Richard Sapon-White

Email of person submitting this report:

Report submission date: July 28, 2014 __X__annual

Name of committee: IRRT International Papers Committee

Name of committee chair (indicate if acting chair): Richard Sapon-White, Ven Basco (co-chairs)

Committee chair e-mail address:,

Date of meeting(s): June 28, 2014

Members present: Ven Basco, Richard Sapon-White, Amed Demirhan, Carla Ellard, Jacqueline Solis

Members absent: Mary Oberlies, Janet Lee, Laurie Kutner, Betha Gutsche

Summary of discussion and action; please indicate activities planned for the next 5 months: (Please note: if planning to raise an issue at the Executive Board Meeting at this conference please talk with the Chair prior to the meeting.)

Logistics were worked out for the 2014 program “E-Books and E-Readers: Leveling the Playing Field or Widening the Digital Gap?” on Saturday afternoon of Annual. Ven introduced speakers, Richard acted as moderator, and Jacqueline was timekeeper. Of the nine speakers lined up for the afternoon, eight were able to attend the program. There were about 80 attendees at the program. Although the speakers filled the available time, attendees were willing to remain an additional 15 minutes for the Q&A session.

In light of the incoming IRRT chair’s theme for the coming year, the committee discussed several possible topics for next Annual’s International Papers Session. These included: international programs that focus on mentoring across borders, such as the International Librarians Network; how mentoring/professional development is done in different countries; professional development as part of sister library initiatives. These ideas will be further refined with the incoming committee for 2014-2015.