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           International Relations Round Table Executive Board
                       ALA 2013 Annual, Chicago
                       Minutes for June 30, 2013 

Present: Loriene Roy, John Hickok, Eve Nyren, Carol Kem, Paul Hover, Elizabeth Cramer. Excused: Robin Kear and Win Shih.

Guests: Jeannette Pierce, Delin Guerra, Judith Hunt, Michael Dowling, Nancy Bolt, Muzhgan Nazarova

1. Unfinished Business

Approval of minutes for Executive Board meeting 17 June 2013.

• Suggested amendment to minutes: “there will be some issues concerning selling email raffle tickets, according to Robin’s email.” Move to approve with corrections by Hickok, seconded by Nyren. Approved as amended.

Committee Appointments [Kem]

• Looking for an IRRT member from the Las Vegas area to serve on the International Librarians Orientation Committee.

Declaration for the Right to Libraries [Roy; Berdaner]

• Hickok made the following motion: IRRT Executive Board endorses The Declaration for the Rights to Libraries while inviting ALA Council to consult with IRRT to carry the message internationally. Kem seconded. Motion carried.

Strategies to increase communication between committees and EB [Hickok; Kem]

• Designate IRRT Executive Board Members as liaisons with IRRT committees.

• ACTION ITEM: Hickok and Hover will explore the process for Designated Liaisons. Report back to Chair Kem by next Board meeting in August.

• It was also suggested that Executive Board include IRRT Chairs during monthly EB conference calls.

“International Leads” Editor: update and process [Guerra; Roy]

• Delin will send out a call for volunteers.

New IRRT Brochure update information from Judith Lin Hunt [Guerra; Roy]

• Hunt suggests IRRT may want to consider updating their brochure, working with the graphic design. Include mission statement and some international faces.

International Reception Roles and Tasks [Kem]

• All preparations completed.

Other ALA 2013 related events [All]

• International Posters [Roy; Guerra]

• Citation Committee. Announcement for 2013 awards on the ALA website.

2. New Business

Report from International Relations Office [Dowling]

• Large contingent of librarians from China visiting ALA at this Annual Conference and many international programs centering on China. Preparing for IFLA in Singapore.

• IFLA will be held in the U.S. in 2016. ALA does promotion and fundraising for IFLA. It is expected IFLA will announce U.S. city in April, 2014. IRRT will appoint a task force to work on IFLA planning, plus gather suggestions for keynote speakers.

• Looking to further expansion outside the US. Book fair in the Emirates in 2014.

• ALCTS looking at creating some Spanish language training sessions. In contact with the Mexican Library Association.

• Delin puts out a call for the International AL Direct Newsletter edition for August.

• July 17-24 for Hong Kong Book fair. Supplements costs for eight applicants.

• IFLA webinar coming up on July 16.

Report from the IRRT ad hoc Endowment Committee [Pierce]

• Endowment Committee met Saturday at ALA. Requested to continue as an ad hoc committee beginning in July. Will give an additional update at the Midwinter Meeting. Pierce sees that the Task Force has two tasks: 1. Suggest ways to increase endowment. 2. Suggest how ongoing fundraising efforts can be coordinated within IRRT.

• Three years to create a plan for raising money for the endowment and ten years to raise the money.

Report from the ALA International Relations Committee [Bolt]

• 600 members from 80 countries in attendance. A US librarian voted to be President-elect of IFLA. Five US representatives on the Governing Board.

• ALA is appointing a new Representative to UNESCO.

• Exciting things happening at the American Library in Paris. The biggest need is a children’s librarian.

• Minimal destruction of Archives in Mali. IRC decided against writing a resolution. Need a new representative to Blue Shield.

• International Relations Coordinating Group. Has IRRT representatives as well as representatives from ALCTS, ACRL, and REFORMA.

• Three year contract with People to People to organize world tours.

• BIG NEWS—WIPO (copyright people) treaty to ensure access to people with vision problems in getting around copyright law.

• Nancy Bolt read from her Council Report. She is completing her service as Chair of IRC.

June 2013 Budget Statement from Win (see attached)

Partner Invitation for Library 2.013 Conference.

• Motion to for IRRT to partner with the 2.103 Conference. Hickok seconded. Motion carries. ACTION ITEM: Hickok will present a proposal related to IRRT.

Set time for July and August IRRT EB conference calls.

• ACTION ITEM: Figure out a way to conference call.

Recognizing IRRT exec members for their services: Eve Nyren and Win Shih.

Respectfully submitted,

Beth Cramer, IRRT Secretary/Treasurer July 17, 2013

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